Personal Information

Name: Wai Yan Maung Oo

Nationality: Myanmar

Date of Birth: 17-07-1996

Marital Status: Single

Languages: English & Burmese

My Educations

Masters of Information Technology (Computing & Networking)

Session: 2017-2018

GPA: 6.50 (In the Scale of 7.00)

Awarded: Academic Medal (Masters Coursework)

Bachelor of Information Technology

Session: 2015-2017

GPA: 5.40 (In the Scale of 7.00)

Web Design

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Programming Languages

C#, C++, Python, SQL, Javascript, Java, Visual Basic


MS Visual Studio, MS SQL Server, Xamarin Android (MS Visual Studio), Android Studio, Weka, Unity


Editing: VSDC (Video), Audacity (Music), Photoshop, GIMP, Piskel (Photo), Adobe Flash (Animation)


Office, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Publisher, Project, Visio


Others Skills: Data Mining, XML

Programming Tools Expertness

Visual Studio 80%
Android Studio 70%
Unity 70%
Editing 70%

Programming Languages Expertness

C# 85%
Visual Basic 75%
HTML 85%
Javascript 70%

Docentron Pty Ltd

June 2018 to August 2018

Mobile Online Game Theme Design and Educational Contents


  1. - Design application and game themes
  2. - Search suitable game assets online
  3. - Customise the game assets using media editors.
  4. - Package and deliver the customised mobile game application to Docentron.
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Taw Wyn Myanmar Construction Group

January 2014 to January 2015

I took a few roles in this company depending on my school schedule. As a fluent English speaker, my main duty was to handle the foreign customers and suppliers throughout the year.

  1. 1) Customer Support

- Maintain and foster relationships with foreign suppliers/customers
- conduct presentation to foreign suppliers/customers
- handles the company’s incoming and outgoing emails.

  1. 2) Software Developer

- An employee attendance system was developed to replace the paper-based attendance system.
- The time the employee reach & leave the office was recorded and the system allow the manager to view the report weekly.
- Provide technical support for the system.

President of JCU Music Club

March 2018 to November 2018


  • - Handle all administrative responsibilities & supervise the club activities
  • - Develop budget for the club and manage efficiently
  • - Made decisions for the club and resolve internal and external conflicts.
  • - Organised club meetings and activities as required and participated in various events as club’s representative.

Vice President of Singapore Computer Society (SCS)

October 2016 to October 2017


  • - Organise movie night and BBQ party for all SCS members (students, alumni)
  • - Inviting Professional to attend events
  • - Attended and participated in various events as the society’s representative.

Liaison Officer 2013 SEA Games

June 2013 to December 2013


  • - Translate in meetings
  • - Responsible for translating incoming and outgoing emails.
  • - Develop and foster relationships with representatives from competing countries.

ASP.NET E-commerce

This is a freelance project developed from scratch using ASP.NET framework. The major functions are as follow:
Admin -- Add product/category, View Orders from User
User   -- Search product by keyword or category, View product description
           -- Update shipping address, Made Payment with Paypal

Technology Used - ASP.NET, SQL, HTML, Javascript


This is an application for requesting and donating blood created as part of my final year project in a team of 4 and my responsibilities were as follow;

  • Database Design (SQL)
  • User Interface Design (
  • Android Mobile Application (Android Studio)
  • System Integration & Testing

Cafe Management System

This is also a freelance project developed from scratch using .NET framework and OOP in C#.

  • User can select the menu and enter the quantity appropiately as shown above.
  • System will display the cost break down, calculate the tax, total cost and generate the receipt which can be print or save.

Dodge & Run

As a part of university project, a 3D endless runner game was designed for mobile devices in Unity using C#. The player controls the ball which is moving forward and the speed increases as the game progress. Along the way the player must avoid the obstacles and pick up power-ups.

Technology Used - Unity, C#

Application Development

The following are simple Android Applications developed using "Java" and a Conole Application developed using "C#"

  • - BMI calculator & Utility Converter in Android Studio
  • - Offline Currency Calculator in Android Studio
  • - Anagram Game in Android Studio
  • - Console Guessing Game in Visual Studio

New Innovation [Youtube Video]

This video was created as an introductory for our product. This assignment is the final project for the MBA's subject "Technopreneurship" This is a new concept for using the nanotube technology in the ironing device!

3MT 3min Thesis Competition Winner

Winner of Sessional Staff/ Alumni Category with the topic "Emotional Health: Why Does It Matter?" An event hosted by JCU Singapore!

Favorite Website of the Year 2018 is voted as the "favorite website of the year" by public for the year 2018!. This is awarded by Exabytes Singapore!

Academic Medal (Masters Coursework)

Award for high academic achievements

JCUS Dean's List SP51 2018

Recognition for the outstanding academic performance on SP51 2018

Grade 8 Advanced Guitar

Completed Grade 8 Advanced Guitar Course at Cristofori Music School in Singapore.

Citizenship Award

Award for excellence as an exemplary young citizen of Myanmar International School Yangon (MISY) in 2014.